Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bill Dixon / Matthias Bauer / Klaus Koch / Tony Oxley
- Berlin Abbozzi (1999)

1 Currents; 2 Open Quiet/The Orange Bell; 3 Acrolithes


maready said...

Hi Jessica --- long time, no comments, sorry not to have left a note recently. Thank you very much for posting this one in particular --- I am a great admirer of Bill Dixon and Tony Oxley and have never seen (or, indeed, heard) this recording.

Thanks so much, and I'm forever grateful for the introduction to Les Rallizes Denudees ---- I can't imagine life without them now!

jɔta said...

Oh, so were able to snatch this recording before the Megaupload assassination? That's good to hear, as alternatives are diminishing by the hour, it seems.

maready said...

Alas, no I was not able to download it ... I was directed, of course, to that FBI WARNING, the sight of which has begun to have a Pavlovian effect on me --- it stimulates a certain buried part of my brain that makes me feel unaccountably violent. Of course, I am a mild-mannered pacifist who has never thrown a punch or fired a gun. But there's a certain kind of stupid patriarchal 'f*** you' stupidity that pushes me very close to the edge ;0

I hope that you recover from being victimized by both MU and the FBI --- for now Mediafire seems the 'safest harbour' as far as I can tell.

Take care and thanks again for ... did I thank you for that Paul Celan recording recently? Well, thanks!

jɔta said...

I imagine Celan being a particularly hard-to-translate writer; I don't think I've ever really bothered with trying to locate any English translations of his works, anyway. With some writers I would constantly do that, you know, trying to see different interpretations (not that I have too many alternatives at my disposal.) Beckett and Murakami spring to mind, and I prefer the latter in German, for example. But Celan's words sufficiently dazzle me, with no desire to hear those of a pitiful translator, haha. His writing is indeed one the few instances where I'm grateful for being a native German. I'll see if I can get the Berlin Abbozzi up again.

djnightmare said...

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