Tuesday, 1 March 2011

York Höller - Schwarze Halbinseln,
for large orchestra, vocal and electronic sounds on 4-channel tape

In Schwarze Halbinseln ("Black Peninsulas", 1982), Höller sketche[s] in dark hues a large tableau of oceanic-atmospheric sound landscapes. He orient[s] himself here on structures of speech rhythm, expressive gestures, and poetic images from the poem Die Nacht ("The Night") by the impressionistic lyricist Georg Heym. At the beginning, above a cluster-like pedal point of electronics and low strings, lies the poem, whispered and modified to the point of unintelligibility by a woman’s voice, along with eerie women’s choruses and irreal bell sounds seemingly from distant islands. The linguistic material of the text is consistently musically transformed into a “sound poem,” and becomes intelligible only toward the end. In a letter to Höller, Karlheinz Stockhausen, the work’s dedicatee, showed himself impressed by the “rich coloring” and “broad temporal shaping.” (source)


Anonymous said...

really looking forward to Schwarze Halbinseln and very happy to see you back where you belong.all your posts are at the very least interesting and at best stimulating.
always in your debt
in mind through time

maready said...

J --- thanks for this one in particular, I keep meaning to become acquainted with this fellow's music, but have been delinquent ... so I appreciate the chance!