Friday, 17 December 2010

These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid (UK, 2008)

1 ...Ce I Will Say This Twice; 2 Numerology (AKA Numbers); 3 Colours; 4 Swords of Truth; 5 Doppelgänger; 6 C. 16th ±; 7 En Papier; 8 Infinity Ytinifni; 9 Elvis; 10 £4; 11 MKK3; 12 4; 13 Navigate-Colours; 14 H.; 15 Costume; 16 I Will Say This Twi...

I dunno, this has grown very dear to me as of late. Britspeak's a soft spot. Not sure if it will meet the acquired taste of this blog's readership (wink) but it's a temporary mood enhancer that I'm more than open to self-prescribe these days. No really, it's brilliant but I can see that this record is some sort of singularity amongst my previous postings. Whatev's, enjoy, enjoy or don't. Also, regardless of whether you're celebrating something or not during these next few days, I'd like to thank you for having stopped by, for having listened and commented. See you next year! Maybe- (not)
Autechre - Garbage (UK, 1995)

1 Garbagemx36; 2 PIOBmx19; 3 Bronchusevenmx24; 4 Vletrmx21

You may have heard the fourth track as part of this abomination of a mix, in truth it belongs to a collection of material (with a tongue-in-cheek title) that supposedly didn't make the final cut of Autechre's Amber release. While retaining the warm synthy sound of Amber in places, Garbage also tentatively hints at the more beat-oriented full-length successor Tri Repetae. Atmospherical, trippy, brooding, hypnotizing, postapocalyptical, et cetera perge perge. I'm sure you can come up with something more eloquent to describe this.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Byetone - Death of a Typographer (Germany, 2008)

1 Intro Bios (Intro); 2 Plastic Star (Session); 3 Straight; 4 Rocky (Soft); 5 Black Is Black; 6 Capture This (I); 7 Capture This (II); 8 Grand Style; 9 Heart

In case you're, like me, late to this. Highly recommended if you fancy the stuff of his Raster comrades Senking and Alva Noto. A bit poppish at times.