Saturday, 24 July 2010

Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari Live (Finland, 2000)

"This album of [Vladislav] Delay's (here going by alias Uusitalo) is a reinterpretation of previous work, in a "live" format. One of the interesting things about this album is that it's not just a set of remixes, but music that is a refreshing and yet logical outgrowth of his work to date.The pieces themselves carry recognizeable passages from his previous compositions, though the album as a whole ebbs and flows in and out of new ideas and older textures, constructing a kind of unfolded imaginary narrative. Tones and textures meld into rhythms, and back, but with a consistent dream-like sensibility. The rhythmic structures of Vapaa Muurari/Live certainly make this one of Delay's more accessible works, but no problem: it's nice to see the versatility of Delay's ideas. Those looking to get interested in this Finnish artist's work will find this album a good place to start; Vapaa Muurari/Live should pave the way for the more complex and conceptually deeper soundscapes of Multila (on Chain Reaction) and Entain (Mille Plateaux). Those already familiar with Delay will find this work a satisfying addition to his/her own collection." (via)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Senking - Tap (Germany, 2003)

1 Stand
2 Settle
3 Sort
4 Maybe
5 Fletcher
6 Emergent
7 Exhausted
Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing (UK, 2008)

1 Sweet Love for Planet Earth
2 Ribs Out
3 Okay, Let's Talk About Magic
4 Race You to My Bedroom / Spirit Rise
5 Bright Tomorrow
6 Colours Move

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hildur Guðnadóttir - Without Sinking (Iceland, 2009)

1 Elevation; 2 Overcast; 3 Erupting Light; 4 Circular; 5 Ascent;
6 Opaque; 7 Aether; 8 Whiten; 9 Into Warmer Air; 10 Unveiled

I saw her opening for Karin Dreijer Andersson's Fever Ray project in December. I didn't know what to expect and deliberately didn't do any research beforehand. Reading a bit up on her now tells me that she's part of múm and also appears on the final track of Ben Frost's Theory of Machines. Anyway, there wasn't any snow in Hamburg back then, but Hildur, sporting a pair of white feathery antlers on her head, still managed to create a distinctly Scandinavian atmosphere, reflecting the whole antithesis of emotional discharge in a cold, desolate environment (of course, I speak prejudiciously, with exaggeration, seeing as I've never been to Iceland or Sweden, which I'm sure are not that cold and desolate all the time as common foreign conception dictates). Pieces like Erupting Light and Opaque almost overwhelmed my little meagre heart, although we could partly attribute this to my anticipation of and excitement over this specific concert (and the volume although I didn't mind the loudness, it greatly added to the intensity). I'm not sure if it was the best possible introduction to Karin's set, considering the difference in mood and emotion. While Fever Ray is more concerned with deep, organic sound (that bass was pleasantly physical, markerschütternd), Hildur's cello play is brooding, sharp, devastating. It's more real in a way, if we think of Karin's music as, well, feverish and oneirological.
For some inscrutable reason I hadn't listened to the whole of Without Sinking until now, when someone indirectly reminded me of it, having brought my interest to the two previously posted works as well.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

John Zorn - Chimeras (USA, 2003)

Autechre - Anvil Vapre (UK, 1995)