Friday, 22 October 2010

Merzbow - Vibractance (Japan, 1998)

1 Vibrating Sand; 2 Sonar; 3 Flame; 4 Wind / Reactance


Anonymous said...

i used to find it very difficult to get my head 'round merbow's sound until i played them at really really high volume - so it hurt.
thanks j some interesting goodies recently.
all the very best, scav.

jɔt said...

My psyche has been yearning for something harsh and cathartic recently. Additionally, my recollection of 1930 is all but faint, so I figured why not revisit and explore Merzbow's catalogue some. I can see that this particular work may not be the most suitable one for the above mentioned purpose but I find it still very enjoyable, if not for its greater accessibility. I will be looking into Tauromachine next, however, as that one seems to promise noise of the pure hardcore variety, haha.

You take care,