Friday, 24 September 2010

Sonic Youth - Washing Machine (USA, 1995)

1 Becuz; 2 Junkie's Promise; 3 Saucer-Like; 4 Washing Machine; 5 Unwind; 6 Little Trouble Girl; 7 No Queen Blues; 8 Panty Lies; 9 Becuz Coda; 10 Skip Tracer; 11 The Diamond Sea


ido said...

SONIC YOUTH were my absolutely favorite band in high school. "EVOL," "Bad Moon Rising," "Sister," and "Confusion is Sex" were religion to me. And then this was released. "Washing Machine" was one of the most disappointing things I had ever heard. From here on out the band really went down hill. This album still makes me upset to this day. All the spontaneity and bleeding energy is gone from the guitars. I stopped following the band a few years ago. The last album by them that I bought was "Sonic Nurse" and I only listened to it once.

Roo Gatsby said...

I think that this is one of Sonic Youth's most cohesive attempts at making a regular rock record - I actually go back and listen to it a lot.. granted, SYR has released tons of recordings by the band, and this record is easily overshadowed by like, 10 other SY records (all that ido mentions + dirty & daydream nation), but i think it's worth decontextualizing this album from the rest of their discography so you can listen to it with "fresh ears"