Saturday, 28 August 2010

Alvin Lucier - Still Lives (USA, 2001)

1. Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators, for piano
2. On the Carpet of Leaves Illuminated by the Moon, for koto
3. Still Lives, for piano (I. Sunlight Diamond; II. Hammock; III. Barbecue Grill; IV. Lamp Shade; V. Two Floor Tiles; VI. Ferns; VII. Bread Knife; VIII. Chopsticks)


Matthias said...

Ich möchte dich jedes Mal fest umarmen, wenn mir einer deiner Posts freudig im Feedreader entgegenstrahlt! Wie schade, dass du ein solch anonymes Dasein fristen musst!

maready said...

Wow! Your posts have become 'wildly eclectic' recently! Which is a good thing in my own scattered opinion ... Thanks for this --- I don't know any of Lucier's recent music ... and also for the Madlib 'Movie scenes' (believe it or not, I already have the Goldfrapp --- good gym music, and that's not so easy to find.)

jɔt said...

Matthias: Treib' mir doch nicht so die Röte ins Gesicht, du Schuft. Deine latente Blogpromotion hat im Übrigen voll gezogen, insofern ich gerade vergnügt ein wenig durch deine Artikel stöbere ;-)

David: To be fair, I wanted to get some eclecticity in here again because I was worried the last batch of posts may have seemed a bit monotonous.

So far, the work of Madlib has been the only Hip Hop that I've truly enjoyed but this comes from someone who hasn't really invested too much effort into finding other gems from the genre; yet. I do intend to get into it more.

I mainly like the Goldfrapp record because of Alison's vocal antics, for instance the "psycho yodeling" on the title track. I recall having heard Utopia on some commercial what now feels like aeons ago, and admittedly I haven't listened to this record all that much lately. But considering that it was one of my favourites when I was about 15/16, a classic from my youth so to speak (Suede's "feel so much older but I'm only 22" never rang truer), I figured why not post it? I haven't tried it out for work-out purposes yet, though. ;-)

Matthias said...

Eigentlich wollte ich schon den Laptop ausschalten und ins Bett gehen, doch dann kamst du mir mit zwei neuen Schätzen zuvor. Zwei mal vermutlich gute Musik, zwei mal Island - da geb ich meinen Schlaf für auf.

Schreib mir eine Mail, Mme Inkognito. Follow the white rabbit.

maready said...

J -- I stopped investing energy in 'keeping up' with hip-hop some time back --- you can't stay on top of everything! But I happened to hear some Jaylib/Madlib/J. Dilla tracks awhile back and was enthused enough to follow them. Actually, I probably would have missed them completely if it wasn't for music-sharing blogs. The musico-technological invention of hip-hop is one of the great steps forward in the music of the last few decades. Unfortunately, I no longer have much time for a lot of the lyrical preoccupations ... which is why mostly-instrumental stuff like Madlib is so good ---

Ahhhh Suede ....... feel so much older but I'm only ... cough ... 42 (just like Bret out of Suede!)

I may have to borrow that phrase of yours 'a classic from my youth' as a chapter title for my literary work-in-progress --- OK?