Thursday, 24 June 2010

1 I Riti: Ritual March, "The Funeral Of Achilles" for Percussion (1962) (Fragment)
2 Ko-Lho, for Flute and Clarinet (1966): I, II
3 Pwyll, for Flute alone (1954)
4 I Riti: Ritual March, "The Funeral Of Achilles" for Percussion (1962)
5 Ixor, for Bb Clarinet (or other Reed Instrument) (1956)
6 Rucke Di Guck, for Piccolo and Oboe (1957): I, II, III
7 Hyxos, for Alto Flute, Gongs and Cowbell (1955): I Tranquillo, II Con Moto, III Tranquillo
8 Quattro Pezzi, for Trumpet alone (1956): I, II, III, IV
9 I Riti: Ritual March, "The Funeral Of Achilles" for Percussion (1962) (Fragment)


maready said...

Jessica --- you remembered my birthday! :))

Thanks for Yellow Swans who I haven't heard yet /// and the Scelsi ... where did you find this one? Is it an LP or CD? Very interesting ... Take care and thanks for everything@

maready said...

Also --- do you know who the musicians are on the Scelsi recording? Merci bien and thanx

j said...

Well, I didn't exactly remember your birthday because I don't think I ever knew the date in the first place. But now that you've mentioned it, I do wish you ze best of ze best, health and mirth probably being two of the most important things to have and maintain.

Apart from the obvious fact that Scelsi has fabricated some of the most interesting pieces for clarinet, I mostly posted this one because of Hyxos and its Asian qualities, which as a Takemitsu enthusiast I can probably appreciate all the more. Additionally, I must say I haven't come across too many classical solo trumpet pieces yet. If you have any recommendations in this respect, feel free to enlighten my unknowledgeable mind.

You should be able to find the musicians in the Discogs entry of this release, ici:

Lastly, I have to thank YOU for your perseverance and all. I do hope the Yellow Swans record is not to disappointing, considering the cover artwork and the inappropriate tag, haha.

maready said...


wolfspider said...

Scelsi is great. Thanks for this!