Saturday, 1 August 2009

Nosei Sakata (*0) + Richard Chartier - 0/r (Japan & USA, 1999)

This collaboration was realized in 1999 via mail between the US and Japan. Raw tones and sounds were sent on minidisc to Chartier and returned to Sakata with new and altered material made from the original sounds. This exchange continued several times, as indicated by the track titles. The CD also includes two tracks "r" and "0" which are original solo works by each artist. Here's a slightly more illustrative review of the record. 0/r is also mentioned in Kim Cascone's essay "The Aesthetics of Failure," a recommendable read on the stylistic origins and development of glitch and microsound with references to the Italian Futurist movement of the early 20th century and Cagean silence. Find it here.

"Nosei Sakata, who records under the moniker *0, is from Tokyo, Japan. He is part of the new wave of japanese minimalists exploring computerized anti-music and the conceptual aspect of implied silence. *0 means “multiplied by zero” hence all answers to such a calculation are zero, and as a result *0 means “nothing”. The main concept of *0’s works centers around the Japanese thought of “mu”(nothing)... creating all things from an implied nothing.

Richard Chartier, minimal sound artist/composer and graphic designer, has recorded critically acclaimed recordings for Trente Oiseaux (Germany), LINE (USA), Meme (Japan), Fallt (Ireland), as well as collaborative works with [William Basinski] and Taylor Deupree, and has been featured on a number of international compilations including [the] comprehensive Clicks & Cuts 2 (Mille Plateaux, Germany). [...] Chartier’s work explores the relationship between sound, silence and the act of listening." (quoted from 12k)

Quality ranges from 128 to 160 kbps, sorry. Headphones are still mandatory, though. ;-)

01 0r
02 0/r
03 r/0
04 0/r/0
05 0/r/0
06 r/0
07 0/r
08 0/r/0
09 0
10 0/r/0
11 r/0
12 r
13 0/r/0/r


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