Monday, 27 July 2009

Pierre Boulez - Dialogue De L'Ombre Double
(for clarinet and electronics, 1982-85)

01 Sigle Initial
02 Strophe I
03 Transition I à II
04 Strophe II
05 Transition II à III
06 Strophe III
07 Transition III à IV
08 Strophe IV
09 Transition IV à V
10 Strophe V
11 Transition V à VI
12 Strophe VI
13 Sigle Final


maready said...

Jessica --- from this latest post, your Rivettian undertaking and your listing of Sarah Kane as favorite authors, I thought you might be interested in my newly-opened blog which has a shorter name but a longer mane than yours:

The High Pony Tail

I won't be treading on your electroacoustic toes, but as you seem to have some interest in 20thc and other classical music, of the experimental variety as well, you might like it (and of course, a listing on your blog would be nice, although I'm perfectly happy to blog in blissful invisibility forever.

I continue to pile up RAR files of "Out One", patiently, and plan to explode them all at once when you've reached that nice last shot (which your photomontage gives away!).

David (Maready) Bowman

maready said...

Yes, I like this one of Pierre's a lot --- I don't like most of his "later" works, but as an ex-clarinet player ...

Thanks for the mention and nice words too.

prcs said...

Almost every link in this blog seems to stay intact forever,
I really like that.

Jessica said...

Mich wundert's auch immer wieder, wenn ich einen Blick auf meinen Collector's Account werfe ò.O

Ich hoffe übrigens, dass Past Lives im Moment wirklich im Studio hocken und eine Langspielplatte füllen. Die Journal-EP ist wirklich hübsch.