Tuesday, 21 July 2009

By way of a change, some aural stimulation provided by Signal, the collaborative collective of Carsten Nikolai (more prominently known under the alias of Alva Noto), Frank Bretschneider, and Olaf Bender (both former members of AG Geige, and all of them founders of the Raster-Noton label).

Signal - Robotron (Germany, 2007)

01 Intro (Monsator)
02 Ermafa
03 Naplafa
04 Robotron
05 Malimo
06 Wismut
07 Rawema
08 Datasette
09 Sporett
10 Epirex Motor
11 Wismut (Version)


Anonymous said...

this album is very pleasant... let me know if you want "centrum".
regards from méxico.

Jessica said...

Oh, i'm definitely interested ;-)

vaubu said...

I think this album is worthy of a "headphones are mandatory" tag. This is great stuff. Thanks Jessica

Jessica said...

vaubu: there you go ;-) actually, i could add this tag to pretty much all postings

also, enjoy ze mix!