Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Back in December, I had curtly spoken about "Labirynt", a shortfilm by Polish animator Jan Leniča which until then had only been available via youtube. Now I was approached by fellow blogger vespucci who was kind enough to upload a version of much higher quality, i. e. crisper image and larger aspect ratio. So here's the link he gave me (I hope it's alright to spread this).


vespucci said...

Thanks for posting that one in public, J.

The included .rtf file contains the web address for a forum which stores more films like that.

Strangely enough a book from former GDR claims that Lenica's film is just about a decaying and corrupt capitalistic society... ; )

mahendra singh said...

Thanks for the link! Personally, I like films about decaying & corrupt capitalist societies.