Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wired at last

Hullo everyone,

after about a year and a half I finally received internet access at my apartment, and to celebrate my permanent return to the age of modernity, I deemed nothing more appropriate than to post the score to one of my favourite animations, Serial Experiments Lain, which comprises most of the background music used in the series. If there's a general interest (and there absolutely should be), I shall post the thirteen episodes as well.

Serial Experiments Lain Bootleg (Akira Takemoto)

01 Toukou (Attending School)
02 Ekutopurazumu (Ectoplasm)
03 Densha (Train)
04 Saiberia Tekusuchua 1 + 2 (Cyberia Texture 1 + 2)
05 Kurofuku 1A (Black Suit 1A)
06 Kurofuku 2A (Black Suit 2A)
07 Kurofuku 3A (Black Suit 3A)
08 Kurofuku 4A (Black Suit 4A)*
09 Hitoribotchi 1B (Solitude 1B)*
10 Hitoribotchi 2 (Solitude 2)*
11 Onigokko (Gaccha!)*
12 Fantoma Kidou Gamen (Phantoma Starting Scene)
13 Fantoma Geemu Gamen (Phantoma Game Scene)
14 Deiusu No Teema (Deus Theme)*
15 Ningyou (Doll)*
16 Shinzou (Shinto Image)
17 Kuzureru Bi Ko (Scent of Crumbling Beauty)
18 Kyodai Rein (Enormous Lain)*
19 Chisha Neko (Cheshire Cat)
20 KIDS System
21 Kachou Fuugetsu (Enjoying Nature)
22 Taipogurafi - 1 (Typography - 1)
23 Adaruto Saito (Adult Site)
24 Bukiyou Na Repurikanto (Clumsy Replicant)
25 Tsumetai Shisen B (Cold Line Of Sight B)
26 Saiberia Tekusuchua 5A (Cyberia Texture 5A)
27 Saiberia Tekusuchua 5B (Cyberia Texture 5B)
28 MJ-XX*
29 Zoruge
30 Track 44
31 Rein to Eiri (Lain and Eiri)
32 Complications*
33 Captured Ghost
34 Dreadful Eiri
35 Rasuto (Last)*
36 Purototaipu A (Prototype A)
37 Purototaipu B (Prototype B)*
38 Purototaipu C (Prototype C)
39 Purototaipu D (Prototype D)
40 Purototaipu E (Prototype E)
41 Purototaipu F (Prototype F)
42 Purototaipu G (Prototype G)
43 Purototaipu I (Prototype I)*
44 Purototaipu J (Prototype J)*
45 Purototaipu K (Prototype K)

* indicates track picks, should you not desire to listen to the whole thing


ido said...

Would love to see the series! Really enjoy your blog and have linked it on mine.

Anonymous said...

enter stage left to an adoring public and rapturous applause.welcome back jessica.
scavenging angel

Anonymous said...

Again, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back.

philippe Cavaleri said...

yes please, i'd love to watch it! is it as good as mononoke? Thank you a lot for this one!

prcs said...

this - is - so - exciting


Zetjintsu said...

Which track is the one that plays during Lain's apotheosis in the last scene with her Father?

I think it's the most achingly beautiful scene I've had the pleasure of viewing in any medium.

Jessica said...

Zetjintsu: the track is called "Inner Vision" (インナー・ビジョン), the composer is Nakaido Reichi. It's on the soundtrack with Lain holding a guitar on the cover.


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