Monday, 5 January 2009

[REQ] Magical Power Mako - Jump (Japan, 1977)

1. Jump To You
2. The Story Of Our Master
3. Give Me Present
4. Rest Light Down
5. So
6. Blue Wind
7. Elephant's Jungle
8. Jump
9. 21st Ocean

comments of appreciation shall go to the person who offered this record on slsk.

also, thanks for your comments, it's still beyond me how people are still visiting all the time (and calling my attention to wonderful stuff like Une Semaine de Bonté) despite my neglect of this place during the past few months. I will try to resume some sort of regular posting some day, tee-hee.

Edit: Demetrios kindly provided some link (ripped and uploaded by Chris Goes Rock) to the Gedo record which was requested by another visitor ages ago.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica!! I never learned how to use Soulseek or any p2p filesharing programs so I appreciate your help. It makes me want to get up off my laurels and learn more! I just learned how to download from Rapidshare, and as you may guess, my head is exploding!!!!
The reason I suppose people are still finding your blog is because you have stuff up on it that close to no one else has up anywhere else. (at least in English) Thank you again for the music and universal inspiration! Demetrios

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Anonymous said...

The Gedo link seems to be broken. Any chance you could upload this? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Jessica said...

fortunately, the link was in the comments section of December 21 :)

there you go:

Anonymous said...

Ah! Many thanks!

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