Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Asakawa Maki - Hi Tomoshi Goro (Japan, 1976)

1. Yuunagi no toki
2. Anata nashi de
3. It's not the spotlight
4. Yoru
5. Just another honky
6. Omoigakenai yoru ni
7. Sentimental journey
8. Doko e iku no


Alan said...

It's definitely Hitomoshigoro - she sings it as part of the lyrics of the first track, at 2:35.

Munju said...

Thank you for your great work!

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cafu zo said...

Thank you for this stunningly beautiful post. Is there other, more recent music by this artist that you would recommend?

peskypesky said...

Jessica, thank you for turning me on to this wonderful singer. It's very cool music to say the least...

shiryu7 said...

cannot get enough of her...thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I almost gave this blog up for dead, and then we get this...needless to say this is pretty amazing. Thanks as always...

xe said...

hi jessica,

i felt like writing today because i think its been a while since i told you how much i appreciate your posts and admire your taste. keep up the good work and the high standards. you are a brilliant star.


lomptz said...

great that you're back

Anonymous said...