Sunday, 21 December 2008

hello to everyone who still cares to visit this place... i just wanted to throw in a 'happy holidays' along with a tip-off about an animated short by Jan Leniča, "Labirynt," (if Borges ever had had the delight to see this?) which i discovered minutes ago via 'iwa ni hana'. the dark, bleak landscape, the skeleton (albeit not of a bird), the fence and the spear... all rang a bell, leading me to suggest that this little piece was of some inspiration for Mamoru Oshii & his work on "Angel's Egg".

i couldn't find it anywhere but on youtube so far, so kudos go to the person who uploaded it there. part 1 / part 2


Anonymous said...

Oh, how good to see you're back ! Thanks : all the best for you. And I will see this with Borges in mind.


Anonymous said...

Well, after a first quick viewing, this little beautiful film looks like an animated version of a Max Ernst collage like Une Semaine de Bonté, which you can follow in its intirety here :


Efraím said...

I found your blog some months ago, while searching for downloads of Maki Asakawa, and I think it's time to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. The things you upload, wheter I like them or not, are always interesting. So thank you very much!

I think I have some Asakawa albums which I haven't seen up in your blog. If you are interested I can upload them.

Oh, merry Christmas, btw!

lurker said...

Hi Jessica,
Your come back is the nicest Xmas present...
Have the happiest 2008 ending and 2009 beginning.

shiryu7 said...

I am glad. Thank you for this blog!

peskypesky said...
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Anonymous said...

my goodness if i didn't know better i would have guessed at a weird oliver postgate / small films tribute.Those were the days

peskypesky said...

Happy New Year, my love!

I wish you a wonderful and very cool 2009.

Your blog is a treasure. In fact, the word "blog" is too ugly for it....we need a better word.

Anonymous said...

I see you are looking for GEDO. I found it here... (1974)

I am also trying to complete my Japrocksampler top 50 list. As well as needing the ones you also need, I am looking for...
Seishokki 1975-1977
Magical Power Mako - Jump
The latter should be easy to find but I can't find it anywhere! Thank you for you great blog!

Jessica said...

thanks again to all of you

Efraím: I'd totally be interested in any other Maki stuff which is not im my possession yet. Just tell me what you have to offer :)

mahendra singh said...

I first saw this film in the 60s, when I was a child and it made an immense impression on me! I think that much of my style in drawing comes from the initial, intense shock I recieved from this film 40 years ago!

thanks, again!