Saturday, 19 April 2008

Teiji Ito - Music for Maya

1. Lights Along the Way - India
2. Meshes of the Afternoon
3. Lights Along the Way - Java/Korea
4. Very Eye of Night
5. Lights Along the Way - China
6. Maeva: I Search for Love/Rape Scene
7. Maeva: II Return to Tahiti
8. Maeva: III True Love Found

Disk 2
1. Dwightiana
2. Bagatelle for Willard Maas
3. Moonplay
4. Arabesque for Kenneth Anger
5. Operation Hourglass
6. Water Music Study
7. Orgia
8. Language of Faces I
9. Language of Faces II
10. Works of Matisse
11. Handwritten
12. Lifelines

Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid

On Meshes of the Afternoon: "This is the complete score to Maya Deren's and Alexander Hammid's classic masterpiece of the New York underground. Originally reconstructed by Steve Peters in 1996 following the film's soundtrack, this version features all the music Ito recorded for Meshes and includes multiple takes, whispered directions by Deren and moments of music ultimately never used in the final cut of the film. The sequence is left exactly as Teiji had it on his original tape." (quoted from booklet)

Also, some interesting notes on Orgia: "Director Willard Maas appears as the devil himself in this decadent film depicting a wild orgy of sex and drugs. The music contains some of the most extended wind playing Teiji ever did and is a baroque/free jazz Ito masterpiece. As dropping LSD was actually a written direction in the script, one wonders if Teiji himself was tripping when he recorded this wild demented Third Stream maelstrom. It begins and ends in midstream."


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Very good choice : I have this one ...


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Thanks! What a great perspective of an already nourishing experience (Maya Deren's films). I've long been curious to hear Teiji Ito's music stand on it's own. (Non-Sequitur:The music from the early Bros. Quay films is intriguing in this way too.) And then this other side to Teiji Ito? Who knew! said...

Thank you for sharing!

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