Saturday, 12 April 2008

1. One
2. Eastern Lunarterranium
3. Autumnal Equinox Harvest Dance
4. Soon After The Beginning
5. Amerizenitation
6. Birds Return To Hollywood

In case Alex is still looking for this (well, it was December when you requested this), ZubZub (from Magic of JuJu) has kindly ripped and uploaded the Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band release "One" (see comments section for February 29th).


Anonymous said...

And thank you also for this record. I didn't know this. Don't worry about being absent : that's is compensated by the quality of the stuff you give us & by your personal opinions which are revealing.


continuo said...

Hi Jessica, I'd really love to be able to download this one, but the Link Protection page doesn't allow me to. Is there a password I should know of?

Jessica said...

Did you enter the CAPTCHAs? they're a little difficult to decipher but there are five letters and/or numbers standing out somewhat. Other than that, there's no password necessary.

good luck ;)

continuo said...

Ok, it works. Thanks a lot.