Saturday, 12 April 2008


Collection of studio and live recordings released by No More Records in 2004. Ikue Mori on drums, Robin Crutchfield on keyboard (left the band in 1979), Tim Wright on bass & Arto Lindsay (complete with sexy voice) on guitar; he does at times sound just a little like a hybrid of Can's Damo Suzuki and Michael Mooney (doing "Yoo Doo Right").

EDIT: here are tracks 19-26 that are missing from the file linked above (again, apologies for the inconvenience).

01. You & You
02. Little Ants
03. Egomaniac's Kiss
04. Lionel
05. Not Moving
06. Size
07. New Fast
08. 5:30
09. Blonde Red Head
10. 32123
11. New New
12. Lying on the Sofa of Life
13. Grapefruit
14. Taking Kid to School
15. Young Teenagers Talk Sex
16. Delivering the Good
17. Police Chase
18. Cop Buys a Donut
19. Detached [Early Version]
20. Low
21. Nearing
22. 5:30 [Early Version]
23. Surrender
24. Newest Fastest
25. Detached
26. Brand New
27. Horse
28. Forgery
29. Action
30. Marshall
31. New Low
32. Calling to Phone


Anonymous said...

Although I have this one, I'll just want to say : GREAT !!! Of all past musical stuff, there is something about No Wave & Neue Deutsche Welle (Malaria, Mania D., Liaisons Dangereuses, Palais Schaumburg ...u.a. ) which really gets always my attention.


Lucky said...

thanks for this dna, jessica!

i'm not too familiar with their entire output, but found their cbgb live cd and the tracks on the eno-comp awesome. lindsay is such a great anti-guitarist and -singer - for me this is more punk than any aggressive macho-attitude will ever be! (not to forget ikue mori, of course!)


martinf said...

ups, no tracks 19-26?

Lucky said...

i didn't even notice the missing tracks before martinf mentioned it. an upload of these would be much appreciated! ;)

Jessica said...

oh, sorry about that. i'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Lucky said...

oh wow - that was a quick serve! ;)
thanks for re-upping the other tracks, jessica - very well appreciated!

do you know anything about this release? is the material on this collection from singles, possible albums (did dna release a full-length album, other than the avant live at cbgb's?).


mathias_clottu said...
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Anonymous said...



clodomarko said...

Thanks a lot for the material!!!

i put this on blog

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