Friday, 29 February 2008

hey there,

1st: a late late thank you to Rod who fulfilled one of the requests in the sidebar:
Halim El-Dabh: Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic (ETA 09/16/09: re-uploaded the Halim El-Dabh record), as well as to lurker for the LRD link (leading to Les Rallizes Dénudés' Eve Night at Housei University 1983)

now, got 13 minutes to spare??

The Gerogerigegege - Yellow Trash Bazooka
(Japan, 1993)

how to describe this? ok, it's like the first endearing acts of speech of your little baby bastard (who is presumably possessed) followed by the mind-annihilating screaming brought about by having shat itself or its desire to be fed. enjoy!

1. "G"
2. Gadget
3. Gangbang
4. Gap
5. Gape
6. Gaping
7. Garden
8. Gash
9. Gay
10. Gay Deceivers
11. Gear
12. Geek
13. Genderfuck
14. Genitals
15. Getting Any?
16. Get Down
17. Get Down To Business
18. Get Fixed
19. Get In
20. Get Into Someone's Pants
21. Get It On
22. Get It Up
23. Get Laid
24. Get Off
25. Get One's Ashes Hauled
26. Get Some Round Eye
27. Get Through
28. Getting Any?
29. Get To First Base
30. Gigi
31. Gigolo
32. G. I. Shit
33. Give A Shit
34. Give Ahead
35. Give Someone The Finger
36. Glad Eye
37. Glans
38. Globes
39. Glory Hole
40. Go
41. Goalkeeper
42. Go All The Ways
43. Go Around The World
44. Gobble
45. Gobble-Pick
46. Go Commando
47. Go Down
48. Go Down On
49. Go Down South
50. Go Get Fucked
51. Golddigger
52. Golden Shower
53. Golden Shower Boy
54. Go Look At The Crop
55. Gonorrhea
56. Good Lay
57. Go Off
58. Go Off Half-Cocked
59. Goose
60. Goosey
61. Gospel
62. Go Star-Gangig On
63. Go Steady
64. Go Straight
65. Go The Limit
66. Go To Bed
67. Grafenberg Spot
68. Grass
69. Gravy
70. Greek Culture
71. Grind
72. Groin
73. Gross-Out
74. Groupie
75. G-Spot
76. G-String
77. Gull
78. Gum It
79. Gun
80. Gynecologist


Anonymous said...

Jessica is back with a big bang ! Nice ! The Gerogerigegege ! And thanks again for the Halim El-Dabh.


Anonymous said...

And this Gerogerigegege record is a 7 " ...

Anonymous said...

gee baby!

Anonymous said...

a perfect post, the tracks are just about within the realms of my working memory - and my long term memory for that matter! a perfect post........ ad infinitum.
Welcome back Jessica my computers started purring again

uncle wiggly said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I second that, welcome back indeed...and with more LRD!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you've encountered all the great wierdo music something like the Halim El-Dabh pops up to show you what a fool you were to think that! Thanks Jessica.

ZubZub said...

Hey Jessica, here's another one of your sought after titles, Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band LP.

After ripping the vinyl I noticed that it's actually available on CD via Richard Waters home page if one would like to upgrade and support the artist involved.

Rod said...

No prob Jessica.
It was a request and I had the El-Dabh sitting right here, so...

Good to have you back.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a re-up of Halim El Dabh.

maready said...

Thanks for this ... I missed it before ... actually I probably wouldn't have noticed it before but in the meantime I have heard "endless humiliation" by Gerogerigegege and I'm looking forward to more of the same ...

Quite a wonderful archive you have created ....