Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Cradle Saloon '78
(Japan, 2006)

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As wished by a couple of you, here is another release from the Univive catalogue.
This 4 CD spanning box provides the listener with two different sound sources of the concert that was recorded on November 1st, 1978 at Bell Commons, Aoyama, Tokyo. As always, enjoy this psychedelic behemoth of a band!

disks 1 & 2 disks 3 & 4

1.1/3.1 Flames of Ice
1.2/3.2 The Night Collectors
1.3/3.3 Night of the Assassins
1.4/3.4 Strong Out Deeper Than the Night
2.1/4.1 Blues
2.2/4.2 Intermission
2.3/4.3 The Last One
Alvin Curran - Songs and Views of the Magnetic Garden
(USA, 1993)

1. From A Room On The Piazza
2. Crystal Aires
3. Walked The Way Home
4. Gli Scariolanti
5. On My Satin Harp
6. At Harmony Ranch

Featuring high-tension wires, bees & dogs & frogs, the sea, soprano Margherita Benetti et al.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Charlemagne Palestine - Four Manifestations on Six Elements
(Netherlands, 1996)

1. Two Fifths
2. One+Two+Three Fifths In The Rhythms Three Against Two For Bösendorfer Piano
3. Sliding Fifths
4. Three Fifths

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Naked Diza Star
(Japan, 2006; containing live material from 1973 to 1987)

Disk 1
1. unknown (Nov 1973)
2. White Waking (8 Apr 1975)
3. A Memory Is Far (8 Apr 1975)
4. Field of Artificial Flower (3 Nov 1975)
5. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night (3 Nov 1975)
6. Flames of Ice (3 Nov 1975)
7. Dream (8 Apr 1975)
8. The Kindness That Kills (A.K.A. LastOne'70) (25 July 1976)

Disk 2
1. Diza Star (25 July 1976)
2. Night of the Assassins (25 July 1976)
3. Enter The Mirror (12 Mar 1977)
4. The Night Collectors (13 Aug 1977)
5. Flames of Ice (13 Aug 1977)
6. The Last One (13 Aug 1977)

Disk 3
1. Flames of Ice (19 Dec 1981)
2. Romance of Black Grief (19 Dec 1981)
3. unknown (2 Oct 1982)
4. Night of the Assassins (9 Sept 1986)
5. Field of Artificial Flower (13 May 1987)
6. The Last One (13 May 1987)
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Opera "From The Works Of Tadanori Yokoo"
(Japan, 2005; originally released as a double LP in 1969)

Disk 1
1. Aria: 1 Japanese Ballad
2. Electric Chant
3. Man's Pure Heart
4. Untitled

Disk 2
1. The Flowers

Disk 3
1. The Flowers
2. Song Of New York
3. Kayo Musicale

Disk 4
1. Love Blinded Ballad (Enka 1969)
2. Spite Song (Onka 1969)
3. Ken Takakura Sings On Tadanori Yokoo

Monday, 22 October 2007

Toru Takemitsu - Film Music by Toru Takemitsu Vol. 1

1. Kaidan
2. Seppuku
3. Moeru Aki
4. Karami-Ai
5. Nihon no Seishun
6. Kaseki

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Charlemagne Palestine - Schlingen-Blängen
(USA, 1999)

"The organ has been called "the monster which never breathes," but perhaps its breaths are simply very long and deep. In Charlemagne Palestine's perambulations through the organ's sonic landscape, this is certainly the case - the breath is some 70 minutes long." (excerpt from booklet)

fixed now

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Roland Kayn - Cybernetic Music III
(Germany, 1996)

1. Cybernetic Serendipity
2. Transfluxion
3. Syntropie
4. An Artificial Acoustic Environment
5. Syzygy Dynamical Units
6. Equivalence Sonore I

1 / 2 / 3

Orpheus Music offers download links for the three LP spanning release "Elektroakustische Projekte".

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Hans Werner Henze - Orpheus Behind the Wire & Aristaeus
(german/english lyrics scanned from booklet)

Orpheus Behind the Wire
(Orpheus hinter dem Stacheldraht)

Poems by Edward Bond
for mixed choir a cappella

I. What was Hell like?
II. The Point to be Noted
III. You Who Survived
IV. It was Changed
V. Orpheus


Dramma in musica
per voce recitante (baritono) e orchestra

Lyrics by the composer

English translation by Lindsay Chalmers-Gerbracht

Speaker: Martin Wuttke

I. Vorspiel (Ouvertüre - Prolog: "Aristaeus der Name" - Adagio - "Wir waren alle drei hingerissen" - "Ich rief sie lauter" - "Ich fing sie auf")
II. Die Reise ("Die Reise geht nach Süden" - Nachtstück)
III. Hades ("Ich rufe laut: Mörder!" - Grave)
IV. Charon ("Ein Gestank von Petroleum verbreitet sich" - Einsam)
V. Orpheus ("Und da ist nun ein zweites Lebewesen" - Tempo 60 - "Ein Mondstrahl trifft die Schlafende" - Moderato - "Hat Eurydike mich vergessen?" - Lacrimosa - "Eisschollen haben sich aufgetürmt" - Epilog: "Selbst die gehaltene Fackel erzischt" - Finale)

Alas, there's a reasonably upsetting amount of coughing to be heard during the recording of "Orpheus Behind the Wire". But enjoy this anyway, please.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Yoshihiro Kanno - Shin Hanshichi Torimonochou
(Japan, 1997)

01. Theme Music
02. Hanshichi's Theme
03. Writing
04. Murmur of the Heart
05. Search I
06. Shokido's Theme
07. The Whereabouts of Love
08. Suspense
09. Travel of the Heart
10. Search II
11. Following Farse
12. Hanshichi Human Nature
13. Bear and Game
14. Hanshichi Records
15. Seven and a half

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Yuki Kajiura - Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others
(Japan, 2002)

01. Daphne
02. Sad Bird
03. Nepenthe #1
04. Porcelain
05. Egotism
06. Forget-Me-Not
07. Nepenthe #2
08. Criss-Cross
09. Embrace
10. Boogiepop
11. Wagner/Overtüre 'Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg' (Boogiepop Version Classical Mix)
Toru Takemitsu - A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden

1. Spirit Garden
2. Solitude Sonore
3. Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: I. Music of Training and Rest (from José Torres)
4. Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: II. Funeral Music (from Black Rain)
5. Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: III. Waltz (from Face of Another)
6. Dreamtime
7. A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden

"As a man he was a polymath who loved cinema, had an encyclopaedic knowledge of Western pop music and wrote a detective novel. Takemitsu was fond of using the metaphor of walking around a Japanese formal garden for the process of listening to his works: 'I love gardens', he said, 'they do not reject people. There one can walk freely, pause to view the entire garden, or gaze at a single tree, plant, rock and sand snow: changes, constant changes.' Thus the wisps of melodies, chords and instrumental textures may be likened to the carefully placed plants, trees, stones and rocks of the garden, which can be viewed from different positions, in close-up or from a distance, in ever-changing vistas and perspectives. Takemitsu described Spirit Garden (1994) as 'my experiment with and on-going inquiry into orchestral colour and melody'."

"The metaphor of both dreams and gardens as applicable to Takemitsu's music is particularly relevant to A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden (1977) [...] He explained that it arose from a dream, which may have been connected to a photograph he had seen earlier in the day of the artist Marcel Duchamp, who had cut his hair in the 'form of a star-shaped garden'. Takemitsu described the work as a 'shifting panorama of scenes in which the main motif - introduced by the oboe and representing the so-called "Flock" - descends into the harmonious tone-field called the 'Pentagonal Garden', created mainly on the strings'. These two elements are freely interwoven in a series of a dozen or so paragraphs of varying length within a single movement. The musical material is based on the image of the five sides of the pentangle; there are a set of five five-note scales, each one of which can only have five transpositions. Within the work are silences, passages of randomness, great swells of dissonance, and delicate fragmentary melodies, the quintessential characteristics of one of the supreme composers of colour and texture of the twentieth century."

(excerpts taken from booklet / this review)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Eliane Radigue - Trilogie de la Mort
(France, 1998)

1. Kyema
2. Kailasha
3. Koumé

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Toru Takemitsu - Green & Arc

1. Green
2. Arc pt. 1: Pile
3. Arc pt. 1: Solitude
4. Arc pt. 1: Your Love and the Crossing
5. Arc pt. 2: Textures
6. Arc pt. 2: Reflection
7. Arc pt. 2: Coda: shall begin from the end

On "Your Love and the Crossing": dare i say, i hear Xenakis in this? had they met prior to the Gamelan experience in Bali?

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Akira Rabelais - ...bénédiction, draw.
(Japan, 2003)

1. Pourtant, sous la tutelle invisible d'un Ange
2. L'Enfant déshérité s'enivre de soleil,
3. Et dans tout ce qu'il boit et dans tout qu'il mange
4. Retrouve l'ambroisie et le nectar vermeil.
5. Il joue avec le vent, cause avec le nuage,
6. Et s'enivre en chantant du chemin de la croix,
7. Et l'Esprit qui le suit dans son pèlerinage
8. Pleure de le voir gai comme un oiseau des bois.
Akira Rabelais - Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid
(Japan, 1999)

01. 3 of 15
02. A la Recherche du Temps Perdu
03. Palinode I
04. 1318663, 1318697, 1318699...
05. Instructi Politic
06. 4(EDIT III)
07. ic3
08. Cnámv Cáca -V
09. 577 -dD(1318661)
10. Catalan Solids
11. Palinode II
12. Chronosynclastic

Have some madeleines!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Eliane Radigue - Σ = A = B = A + B
(France, 2000)

1. Face A-1
2. Face A-2
3. Face A-3
4. Face A-4

1. Never
2. No Pose
3. Ugly Society
4. Wargasm
5. Disgust
6. Right to Left
7. Warning
8. Death Earth

Gloom - Recommendation of Perdition
(Japan, 1997)

1. Scum
2. I Believe in Way I Live
3. Escape from Reality
4. Defector Disturbing People
5. Disturbing Media
6. Morbid Education
7. Absurd System
8. Cheap Resistance
9. Answer = Chaos