Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Leoš Janáček - On An Overgrown Path

Book I

1. Our Evenings
2. A Leaf Blown-away
3. Come with us!
4. The Madonna of Frydek
5. They Chattered like Swallows
6. Words fail!
7. Good Night!
8. Unutterable Anguish!
9. In tears
10. The Barn Owl has not flown away!

Book II

11. Andante
12. Allegretto - Presto
13. Più mosso
14. Vivo
15. Allegro
Toru Takemitsu - I Hear the Water Dreaming

1. I Hear The Water Dreaming
2. Toward The Sea I: 1. The Night
3. Toward The Sea I: 2. Moby Dick
4. Toward The Sea I: 3. Cape Cod
5. Les Fils Des Étoiles
6. Toward The Sea II: 1. The Night
7. Toward The Sea II: 2. Moby Dick
8. Toward The Sea II: 3. Cape Cod
9. And Then I Knew 'Twas Wind
10. Toward The Sea III: 1. The Night
11. Toward The Sea III: 2. Moby Dick
12. Toward The Sea III: 3. Cape Cod
13. Air
George Rochberg - String Quartet No. 1

During my absence from this blog (pardongomen'tschuldigungsorry) - excluding mentally, mind you - i had the opportunity to hearken - at least to my pitiful standards - one of the most wonderful - in a somewhat macabre way - (contemporary) classical works of all those i've encountered so far, and gladly bid it welcome among cherished ones like Beethoven's Spring & Tempest sonata or Satie's third Gnossienne (judging by the syntax of this sentence, it obviously split my brain asunder as well). Speaking of the latter piano piece: i was watching Kaufman's "Henry & June" the other day, and subjectively, the most blissful moment occured when a picture of Antonin Artaud was shown accompanied by said Gnossienne's third movement.

So here i present you George Rochberg's 1st string quartet. Eerie and beautiful, i tell you. I could imagine that Yoshihiro Kanno drew some however miniscule inspirations from this work while composing the soundtrack to Mamoru Oshii's sublimely spectral and surreal feature film "Angel's Egg".

Friday, 10 August 2007

thanks to those people who left some kind, appreciative words on the way. i'm gonna refrain from posting new music for a couple more days. until then enjoy what's available so far and don't forget to visit the links to your right ;)

edit: will be back on wednesday, the 29th :)