Friday, 16 November 2007

Roots of Madness - The Girl in the Chair
(USA, 2005)

Recorded in 1971.
Highly fluctuating bitrates (192-320 kbps).

1. Réalisation II
2. Nihility In Being
3. Cat's Tail
4. We Had A Love (But It Died)
5. The Yell
6. The Big House
7. The Old Man's Ass
8. Flight Of The Ocka Bird
9. You Are My Sunshine

"The Roots of Madness were a group of teenage 'heads from the early '70s who attended Leigh High School in San Jose. Their LP of full-blown psychedelic freakery was locally released around 1970 and descended into hyperobscurity, until now. It's a reissue so totally needed because this music is such a stinky, boiling stew of fractured blues, primitive electronics, free jazz, and scatological spoken word, given an excessively potent kick from heaping doses of juvenile "hormonage" and some serious drug consumption. It opens with "Réalisation II" (they apparently skipped right over "Réalisation I"), which is a fierce, 11-minute crescendo of maniacally tinkling bells, gray blasts of shortwave radio, walkie-talkie gobbledygook, feedback, freely stabbing percussion, a chorus of throat-shredding howls, and pig-squealing horns. And that's just a warm-up for the real freaky shit, such as "The Old Man's Ass," wherein this incensed voice chants such anally obsessed verse as "The old man's wretched ass ... Grown nonfunctional with constipated eons of nonuse ... And the old man's crack? Watery, jelly skin dripping through fingers ... Turning the hills of youth into a canyon. A canyon eroded by venereal shankers and fiery and proud hemorrhoids." Amen for gratuitously disgusting weirdness." (Justin F. Farrar, via)

"'The Girl in the Chair' was named for a disabled girl in school who, confined to a wheelchair, wheeled around the high school parking lot, busting fellow students for necking and smoking cigarettes. Somehow, neither her advisors, family, nor fiends were able to fathom that this duty would make her one of the most ridiculed people in school. 'The Girl' became a metaphor for all the forces which combined to turn places of education into mini-prisons, where questioning, creativity, and freedom to be oneself were routinely repressed." (via)


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i am a hapless sailor to your siren call.

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just like the kids from the langley schools grew up, discovered acid clubbed together their pocket money and tried to fuck up the system.bless.

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