Monday, 12 November 2007

Richard Lerman - Music of Richard Lerman 1964 - 1987
(USA, 2006)

Disk 1: Travelon Gamelon (Music For Bicycles)
1. Promenade Version (Boston, MA, July 2, 1979)
2. Concert Version (Pittsburgh, PA, June 6, 1981)
3. Promenade Version (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 27, 1982)
4. Concert Version (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 27, 1982)
5. Concert Version (Wellington, New Zealand At Victoria University, July 31, 1986)

Disk 2: Selected Works
1. For Two of Them
2. Sections for Screen, Performers and Audience
3. End of the Line: Some Recent Dealings with Death
4. Accretion Disk, Event Horizon, Singularity
5. 2½ Minutes for BASF Loop
6. Soundspot
7. Music for Plinky and Straw


JOSEPH said...

Thanks a zillion times ...

Adam Eleven said...

Thanks for introducing this great soundart to me. Do you have the goodies from this CD (PDF score, quicktime movie), wanna post them? Thanks again, never heard of R.L. before (shame on me), and really like this music.

Jessica said...

Adam: i'll have to disappoint you regarding the extra stuff that came with the physical release of this. It was requested and i was lucky enough to find the tracks on slsk.

Joseph: oh, i'm afraid that's gonna take you a little too long... (silly me, heh)

J. said...

Never mind : I will have to do it faster ... :)


vaubu said...

I love these ethereal fringes. Thank you!