Saturday, 10 November 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Wild Trips

A 5 CD box set released by Univive in 2006 which comprises various recordings from 1976.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Disk 1: April 12th
1. White Waking
2. Angel
3. Guitar in
4. A Cry of Bird
5. unknown
6. unknown
7. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night

Disk 2: April 12th & May 25th
1. unknown
2. Enter the Mirror
3. The Last One
4. Night of the Assassins
5. unknown

Disk 3: November 25th
1. Fantastique
2. unknown
3. Flames of Ice
4. Romance of Black Grief

Disk 4: November 15th
1. Night of the Assassins
2. Dizastar
3. The Last One

Disk 5: October 30th
1. Night of the Assassins
2. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night
3. White Waking
4. Flames of Ice
5. The Last One


Joseph said...

Jessica : sorry to bother with you with some requests. Thank you very much even if you cannot satisfy these requests.

HALIM EL-DABH - Crossing Into The Magnetic Electronic
HUGH LE CAINE - Compositions Demonstrations 1946-1974
ROOTS OF MADNESS - The Girl In The Chair
RICHARD LERMAN - Music Of Richard Lerman 1964-1987
CHBB - The group of Chrislo Haas & Beate Bartel

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million! I'm the person who asked when you posted your last Rallizes if you had anything else, and you mentioned this. It is so very wonderful to listen to all of this!

Jessica said...

@Joseph: i'll see what i can find, but just to clarify one thing regarding CHBB: you're looking for the colour tapes, i assume?
Do you already have the "Liaisons Dangereuses" release?

@Anonymous: no problem, but i'm afraid that was the last one for now ;)

Jessica said...

@Joseph: oh, you just reminded me that i still haven't watched "Tetsuo" (& "Electric Dragon 80.000 Volt", for that matter)...

scavenging angel said...

the last rallizes for now.a bittersweet moment.i shall move on for now and search out the lsd march albums and any kadura stuff.the angel will roam the earth in his quest.this will remain his spiritual home. thanks again jessica we are shadows in your incandescence

Anonymous said...

Jessica :

1. Regarding CHBB - I think they only released some 4 tapes. I'm not sure. I already have Liaisons Dangereuses. I am interested in Neue Deutsche Welle. So interested that I bought that book Verschwende deine Jugend ... although my german is not so good.

2. Shinya Tsukamoto made two Tetsuo movies but the first one is best, I think ...

3. Thanks for "listening" and trying. Take care.


Anonymous said...

... just in case ...

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

@Grant: thank you so much

@(penultimate) Anonymous: i miserably failed in trying to acquire said Dalí record via slsk months ago, so your pointing to that link is most appreciated :)

@Joseph: yeah, i was talking about "The Iron Man". A friend recommended that one a long time ago (when we were gushing over "Serial Experiments Lain", i think), but i still haven't taken the time to watch it...

Regarding your requests: i've found Le Caine and Richard Lerman stuff so far, the latter only as a 160 kbps version, however. Is that okay with you?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks a lot Jessica...
Do you know if "Deeper than the
night" which documents a 1970
Kyoto concert is available on Soulseek ?
Also, if you want to try current
japanese bands heavily inspired
by the Rallizes, try LSD March,
Uptight, Suishou No Fune and Uptight.
But maybe you know this already...
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Jessica : of course, 160 it's O.K. with me. To thank you for your efforts is probably not enough ... it was me the anonymous of the Dali link. So, viele Danke, " Mädchen aus der Fremde ",


redrichie said...

Thanks again for the Les Rallizes Denudes goodness. Very kind of you to post 'em. I have bought a couple of the bootlegs and it's an expensive business, I can tell ye!

tomas said...

hi jessica! just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the amazing music you've been posting, especially the RALLIZES stuff. yours is by far the coolest blogspot, it's the first thing i check when i get online... please don't stop!!! much peace, T.

uncle wiggly said...

thanks for all the denudes. now if only i still had a rs account...

Joel said...

Since the readers of this blog and myself as well I thought I leave a list of the Rallizes items I've currently have available on SoulSeek if anyone is interested:
Wild Trips 5CD
December's Black Children (Courtesy of this fine site)
Double Heads 4 CD
Black Children 2CD
Naked Diza Star 3CD
Neu PRodcuts Era 4CD

Best of the bunch in my opinion is Double Heads 4CD but all are great. Download away!

Thomas said...

Thanks once more for all the great Rallizes CDs!

Harvey Dog said...

Thanks for all the Les Rallizes Denudes - a band that's become one of my favs very quickly! :)


peskypesky said...

Thank you once again for an INCREDIBLE Rallizes post!

Anonymous said...



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