Monday, 19 November 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Mars Studio 1980

4 CD box set released by Univive. Alas, without the bonus disk called "Double Heads September" which means no "The Last One" *sigh*. I'll add it as soon as i find it.

Blog to Comm's Christopher says about this:

"For a change of pace the whopping 4-CD set MARS STUDIO might do you some good. It's the Denudes 1980-style, perhaps a little more professional and polished but still garage enough to sate, doing their familiar numbers in an actual studio. What makes this one different from other sessions I've heard is that Mizutani Takashi and crew, for some maybe not-so-strange reason, decided to utilize such instrumentation as electric organ and acoustic guitar into the usual hard rock mix adding for a rather unique, and perhaps even pleasing sound as in LOADED or maybe even (get this!) Hackamore Brick! (OK, that's hyperbole...whadja expect?) Those of you who only know this band from their previous recordings may be in for a surprise as I was, but the softer and less-metallic moments found herein did make for an experience that sorta reminds me of a Doug Yule-styled coup in the group, at least on a few numbers. Not that MARS STUDIO's a total trip into late-Velvet Underground straight-ahead dance rock since there are some great moments of BLUDGEON here, such as on disc three's opening track "Guitar Jam" which sounds something like a flub-a-dub take on "Blues' Theme" filtered through "Sister Ray." And if this track sounds familiar, it is! For years it was being passed off as a '69 number called "Smokin' Cigarette Blues" on that two-LP set with the wild photo of Mizutani adorning the front (as seen above, nicked off the Denudes' own website!) which seemed strange since the version I have on my bootleg burn of 67/69 was a totally different free-form freakout kinda thing! Oh well, it only makes me wonder all the more as to just how much of this info on Les Rallizes Denudes floating about we CAN believe!"

Disk 1: September 4-6th
1. Enter the Mirror
2. A Memory is far / Distant Memories
3. Jam
4. Enter the Mirror
5. Night of the Assassins
6. Love Story

Disk 2: September 6-7th
1. Love Story
2. Romance of Black Grief
3. Romance of Black Grief
4. White Waking
5. White Waking
6. White Waking
7. White Waking

Disk 3: September 9th
1. Guitar Jam
2. Ice Fire
3. Night of the Assassins
4. Romance of Black Grief


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again Jessica. You are spoiling us with these Univive releases. Keep up the good work.

Dave B

Thomas said...

Thanks!!! once more. Also for the Daphne album, very interesting.


anonymous from this morning said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

rallizes 4 life


Joel said...

Thanks so much for this. I've been debating shelling out the $$$ for this, but this will allow me to eat non pre-packaged food for a bit. I'm going to repost my comment from the Wild Trips thread so that folks here are aware of some of the goodies I have available on SoulSeek. Again I cannot recommend Double Heads highly enough...
Since the readers of this blog and myself as well I thought I leave a list of the Rallizes items I've currently have available on SoulSeek if anyone is interested:
Wild Trips 5CD
December's Black Children (Courtesy of this fine site)
Double Heads 4 CD
Black Children 2CD
Naked Diza Star 3CD
Neu PRodcuts Era 4CD

davemustang.... said...


Thanks for this, I thought the last one was the last one...Inconstant Sol had 1969 to 1975 Studio and Live, but that link is now dead, any possibility you have that one?

Thanks so much for all this amazing music!



Jessica said...

@Joel: thank you for the offer. Could you give me (us) your alias on slsk? The Neu Products Era sounds interesting ;)

@Dave: that one didn't find its way into my collection yet but i'll keep an eye out on it.

take care, y'all

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous who leaves a comment on each of the rallizes posts, so here I am again! I have been listening to the last post for days now, and each time around I hear different parts of the slow, relentless surge of their performance. So I am very excited to move to another of these live performances. Your generosity is much appreciated.

uncle wiggly said...

just when i think i've heard it all... thanks, you've all those hours of searching through mountains of no-fi LRD bootlegs worth it....

chambre said...

so much bien.
des nems cramés, whisky, souvenirs d'une girl. bite mélancolique...
le reste c du dépôt...

Dirty Moscow Panda said...

listening to this now for the first time. was wondering if anyone knows whose voices are speaking over the tracks. studio engineers? friends?

i dont speak japanese so if there is someone here who does that can should some light...

btw - coolness for what you are doing jessica... i am rallizes-addicted collector scum so i buy the discs but i appreciate the background information you've been providing and the attention youve been paying to LRD.

thank you

Fünfer said...


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Anonymous said...

can you please reload the 1st file because the link is no longer working

many thanks!!!

Jessica said...

sorry for the delay; for me, the two files work just fine. try re-loading them again.

Anonymous said...

Since the above link is no longer working, here is the bonus disc, Double Heads September:

peskypesky said...

Thank you for another Rallizes gift, Jessica. Love ya.

sexy said...




Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hi, have been desperately looking for the 4th Double Head September disc for ages now. any chance you can post? thanks so much!

jɔt a said...

I'm afraid that particular release is missing from my library of Les Rallizes Dénudés as well. Sorry for the letdown.