Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Great White Wonder

Another Univive release spanning 4 CDs (alas, i couldn't yet find the fourth one which i believe is a bonus disk containing material from the Kanagawa show on November 7th 1980). The remaining three disks comprise recordings from the following dates: (1) July 13th 1973, (2) October 1st 1975, and (3) July 22nd 1977.

Disk 1
1. Field of Artificial Flower
2. Inside Heart
3. Otherwise Fallin' in Love with You
4. Angel
5. Otherwise Fallin' in Love with You
6. You Were Known
7. The Last One

Disk 2
1. Deeper Than the Night
2. Otherwise Fallin' in Love with You
3. Field of Artificial Flower
4. White Waking
5. A Memory is far
6. Improvisation

Disk 3
1. Dream
2. Night of the Assassins
3. Field of Artificial Flower
4. The Night Collectors
5. Flames of Ice
6. A Voice of Bird


gabriels quest for carrion aka said...

i bow down at your feet my lady.

armeur H said...

Jessica, if I have to buy or download only one disc of "Les Rallizes Dénudés", what will be your choice ?

Jessica said...

@Gabriel (?): and i make a curtsy and say "you're more than welcome" ;)

@armeur H: i'd say first of all get "Mizutani" as it's fairly different & devoid of the heaviness they're usually associated with. After that, it's really up to your choice, maybe "Electric Pure Land" which crashes right into your ears (and oddly enough, starts with "The Last One") or "Heavier Than A Death in the Family" or "Wild Party" which is also slightly more, let's say, tame & less roaring than the two mentioned before.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou once again for these delightful offerings. You really are upping some fantastic stuff here.

David B.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea so many Rallizes recordings existed. Over the last few years I have purchased all I could find, all of which you have posted, but they are an example of a group that is, at least for me, always interesting. Have you reached the end of your treasure trove of this material, or can we hope for more?

davemustang.... said...

Hi Jessica,

Well I have pretty much sunk myself into the heavy helping of aural despair that is Les Rallizes whatever the hell they are called. I went back and got some of the earlier releases, and still have many megabytes and Rapid Share minutes to complile and spend. I actually had Blue...which blows me away...great to have the other colors...still need to dl Green. I wish I had something I could give back. However, in pure bloodsucking spirit of leeching, all I have is a request.

I am seeking Mashiko Satoh & New Herd Orchestra: Yamatai-Fu

Mashiko Satoh & Stomu Yamashita ('ta): Metempsychosis


Obscure Tape Music of Japan Volume 1 and especially 4

I know this is obnoxious...off topic, but I've come down with this Japrockian disease and need some medicine.

Many thanks for all the amazing music you have put up.



telabs said...

Yes. I thank you for this stuff. And while I have plenty of Rallizes on my own, I surely need the gaps filled.

'Cause we Rallizes fans are Special.

Keep up the good work

Jessica said...

@Anonymous: there's at least one more thing i intend to post which is a five cd-spanning Univive box set containing various recordings from 1976, so you may look forward to that :)

@Dave: well, you totally give something back by constantly taking the time to leave comments :) really, they're most encouraging.

i'll see if i can find what you requested; there's a great potential i might also enjoy some of these.

i'm not sure if you're familiar with "Cities on Flame with Rock 'n' Roll"? Dirk who unfortunately passed away in August also offered a lot of Japanese psychedelia & acid folk and i'm sure some of it is still available. He really fueled my interest in Japanese underground music.

take care, y'all!

davemustang.... said...

Good Afternoon Jessica, at least where I am.

I am also familiar with the Dirk Saga, and not a day goes by in the past couple months where I think..."well he got to hear Oz Days..but he missed Lord Yatesbury's loving tome, and the plethora of converts and hangers on who would have visited Cities on Flame."

For such a genuine and generous seeming individual his lot seems to have come up unjustly short, and that is tragic on a scale unequalled.

His imprint is amazing though, and rarely does a Japrockian Day go by, when a COFWRAR link does not come back and hit me with a wry if not heavy dose of perspective ("too much fucking perspective")

It seems most of Dirk's links are, "no file found" But if you have not go get the Oz Days rip..it is awesome..particularly the DR ACID SEVEN.

And yes I am still downloading Les Rallizes I like Green a great deal...somehow it all doesn't sound the same..yeah its close, but not exactly...forgive me for bloviating, but it reminds me of Interstellar Overdrive, mixed with Mazzy Star's "So Tonight That I Might See" and a Ringu "scary girl in dirty cotton white gown coming out of the old well, with one eye peeking through her matted hair"...and a little of Mid 70's Tom Verlaine with a Kraftwerk's "Stratovarius" fixation.


I remain,


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

And for an interesting film with the Taj Mahal Travellers :


And at www.ubu.com you can look for music / books [PDF] / films ... one of the best sites ... a wold in itself


Jessica said...

@Dave: i've added the fourth volume of "Obscure Tape Music of Japan" to my slsk queue. if it's okay with you, i've added your other requests to the sidebar.

@Anonymous: of course, i'm familiar with "ubu" ;) the site actually got me into Gregory Whitehead. thank you for the other two links. luckily, the week is about to end... :)

davemustang.... said...


That is great!

Many thanks.


lurker said...

Jessica, you are great.
Thank you so much.

peskypesky said...

Thank you for the Rallizes. I'm hereby madly in love with you.

Anonymous said...



mir on said...

Please perezaleyte links, they are dead