Saturday, 3 November 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - December's Black Children

Live at Shibuya Yaneura, December 13th 1980.

photo by Takehiko Nakafuji

Disk 1
1. Flames of Ice
2. (Strong Out) Deeper Than the Night
3. A Memory is far
4. (Strong Out) Deeper Than the Night, pt. 2
5. Night of the Assassins

Disk 2
6. Smoking Cigarette Blues
7. White Waking
8. Enter the Mirror
9. The Last One


Anonymous said...

On his book JAPROCKSAMPLER, Julian Cope, on an overview of this record, states this :

CD 1

1.Flames Of Ice
2. Deeper Than The Night
3. A Distant Memory
4. Deeper Than The Night (part 2 ?)
5. The Night assassins

CD 2

1. Smoking Cigarette Blues ( from 1969 ??) or Night Of The Assassins ???
2.White Awakening
3. Enter The Mirror
4. The Last One

And thanks for this record ...


davemustang.... said...

Thanks very much! I appreciate this greatly..can't wait to hear


Jessica said...

thank you, Joseph
some of these really do sound suspiciously alike, tracks like "Enter the Mirror" & "Romance of Black Grief" in particular.

@Dave: you're more than welcome ;)

scavenging angel said...

ive got a lot of les rallizes denudes from different sources on the web but couldn't find this one so a big thank you jessica.wondered why cope put this in at the expense of some others but its easy to see why when you play it- great quality (but only comparitively of course).your blog is amazing how on earth do you source all this stuff? you like me are an angel(unfortunately ive been expelled from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Rallizes. Impressive music. They deserve to be heard more widely.

jussi said...

first of all thanks for this record!

could anyone give me a link to a good LRD discography?

Jessica said...

@jussi: i'm not sure if they are satisfying for you, but there's the discography provided by the unofficial LRD website ( and then there's the discogs entry (

Jessica said...

@Scavenging Angel: thanks so much, tickling my little heart with your appreciative words, heh.
i'm currently trying to acquire the 5-LP spanning "Wild Trips" release, so there might be something to anticipate ;)
do you happen to have "Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go"? i couldn't get my hands on that one yet.

take care everyone,

lurker said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks a lot for this one too.
I'm the one who wrote earlier
about Great White Wonder on Soulseek.
You're right, the 4th Cd is lacking.
But I guess many people 'including me) would be interested...
By the way any idea on what "rallizes denudes" means (apart from naked rallizes) ?
Thanks again.

Jessica said...


i've already added "Great White Wonder" to my slsk queue. The "Wild Trips" set i was talking about will soon be finished downloading, i'd say expect it on Wednesday when i have no lectures or seminars.

and yes, i did wonder what a "rallize" could be, what French word (if French at all) it could derive from, lalala, but my reflections were fruitless. so, someone help us :)

scavenging angel said...

hi jessica ive got flightless bird which i believe is the alternative title of yodo however because of my strange paranoia ive wiped everything from my computer.i have a copy on cd and have sent an email to you regarding it yours scav

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in a blog I read this : "“Les Rallizes Dénudés, Haddaka No Rallizes in Japanese, and probably ‘Les Valises Dénudés’ in French ".

And for you, Jessica :

or :


Jessica said...

hey Joseph, thanks so much for the link.

"valise", really? hm... i also thought about the Japanese "rarisu", but i'm not sure if it has any specific meaning. But, whatever, LRD is totally underground so they're supposed to have an equally obscure name.
but now that you've mentioned it, i think i read about the "naked suitcases" thing somewhere as well.

5-Track said...

"naked suitcases" theory explained in Cope...

actually would be "empty suitcases" meaning: idiots

my guess was that Mizutani meant to imply them to be SUCH idiots that they didn't even know Rallizes wasn't a proper word!


Anonymous said...

rallizes RULE pure and simple..closer to the free jazz i have than the velvet underwhelm or the Stooges, who sold out the minute they "reformed"..mizutani=sonny sharrock+albert ayler...nuff said..should have "DBC" soon, if its ANYTHIING like live '77 i will have kittens..bombard your local "freak" radio stations for a LRD hour, lets face it theyd only need to play 3 songs, i could go on and all know the score

keefe said...

my theory on the name -

valises denudes being slang for an a stupid person, an empty vessel if you will.
rallizes is almost impossible for the japanese to pronounce

so i think mizutani merely manipulated the phrase les valizes denudes to les rallizes denudes with the old proverb 'empty vessels mke the most noise' in mind

Anonymous said...



I LOVE YOU said...