Friday, 9 November 2007

Joji Yuasa: Music for Theatrical Drama (Obscure Tape Music of Japan IV)
(Japan, 2006)

Limited to 500 copies.
Alas, only 128 kbps.

1-10: Oen aka A Woman named 'En' (1963)
11. Mittsu no Sekai aka Three Worlds (1959)


davemustang.... said...


This is really exciting. Back in the old days of used record shopping the "chase" was actually sweeter than the find (although finding Julian's Droolian, was incredible!) These days it's all about the search, and relying on the good taste and intentions of people who post...oddly though it is the reverse.

The find is what it is all about, the search is often no more that frustrating.

I dl'ed this morning, and will absorb this evening.

Thanks again for the rare bit of mana.



gabriel's quest for carrion said...

ah the thrill of the chase does't quite seem as romantic when we're all in a goldfish bowl does it? i too have trod the wasteland of despair and euphoria that was the used record shop(catapilla where are you now)? still when your in the goldfish bowl your life depends on kindly souls indulging us with nourishment jessica please feed the time

Anonymous said...