Sunday, 14 October 2007

Roland Kayn - Cybernetic Music III
(Germany, 1996)

1. Cybernetic Serendipity
2. Transfluxion
3. Syntropie
4. An Artificial Acoustic Environment
5. Syzygy Dynamical Units
6. Equivalence Sonore I

1 / 2 / 3

Orpheus Music offers download links for the three LP spanning release "Elektroakustische Projekte".


Adam Eleven said...

Thanks for posting this essential album (which I didn't have yet) and for linking to my post with older Kayn material. Kayn this old dinosaur is still alive, lives in Holland, and has a website I hope he didn't stop making such biarre music!

Tony said...

I already have this and the
Orpheus Music blog posting. But this is great music, no question.
I added your blog to my blogroll. Would you agree to reciprocate? - and maybe check some of my posts!
Take care.

Rod said...

Apparently, this is not my day for Kayn. Part 1 has an error, so 2 and 3 don't complete...then the link for the ""Elektroakustische Projekte" has expired.


Jessica said...

there you go:

sorry for the inconvenience

Rod said...

Great! Thank you very much.
Yours work just fine now.
I'm thinking of doing some sharing beginning in October - decades of recordings that feature much of the "avant-garde". I'll keep in touch!

Thanx again!


Jessica said...

Rod, a place in my elitist blogroll is already reserved for you ;)

Anonymous said...



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