Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Cradle Saloon '78
(Japan, 2006)

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As wished by a couple of you, here is another release from the Univive catalogue.
This 4 CD spanning box provides the listener with two different sound sources of the concert that was recorded on November 1st, 1978 at Bell Commons, Aoyama, Tokyo. As always, enjoy this psychedelic behemoth of a band!

disks 1 & 2 disks 3 & 4

1.1/3.1 Flames of Ice
1.2/3.2 The Night Collectors
1.3/3.3 Night of the Assassins
1.4/3.4 Strong Out Deeper Than the Night
2.1/4.1 Blues
2.2/4.2 Intermission
2.3/4.3 The Last One


Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica - you are the man!

Anonymous said...


I am loooking for Decembers black that one possible for you to post? Or is it called something else that may already be posted.

Many thanks,


Jessica said...

Anonymous I: i'm not entirely sure if i should regard this as a compliment ;)

Anonymous II (or Dave): i haven't posted that one yet, but i'll definitely keep an eye out on it

take care, y'all

Anonymous said...

Last week "Naked Diza Star", now "Cradle Saloon" ... I thought Cristmas was only in 2 months.
Thanks a lot.
I also tried to get those on Soulseek but never succeeded. These is a ss user called zador onei who has Great White Wonder, another Univive release. You might be more successful than me.
Thanks again.

Jessica said...

alas, the "Great White Wonder" said generous guy offers is lacking the fourth CD, but if you don't mind i could also try to get this one as it is.

davemustang.... said...

sorry for the anonimity



Jessica said...

@Dave: never mind, expect "December's Black Children" either today or tomorrow :)

davemustang.... said...

Thanks very much!!!!

Thomas said...

Thanks for all the Rallizes stuff, fantastic!!!


Dadu said...

Thanks for these. i honestly can't decide which is better! you know we got the Rallizes-bug bad when we have to have two versions of the same show!

peskypesky said...

can't remember if i thanked you for this yet...but thank you.

Anonymous said...



Harvey Dog said...

Thanks for offering those of us with a limited budget an opportunity to hear the amazing Les Rallizes Denudes (and so many others on your blog!).


Maximiliano Moya said...