Saturday, 6 October 2007

Eliane Radigue - Trilogie de la Mort
(France, 1998)

1. Kyema
2. Kailasha
3. Koumé


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a regular and frequently happy visitor to your great blog. I have a question about this though. I downloaded it once from the great Eat My Art Out but disc one has a lot of popping and hissing. Is this the same copy or is it a re-rip from another source? Just wanted to know before committing the time to DL.

Jessica said...

well, i acquired it via slsk, but i didn't experience any of the noises you describe while listening to it. bitrate is 192 kbps, i'm not sure about the files P. provided on his blog. sorry that i cannot help you any further.

Anonymous said...

that's all the help i needed. thank you and thanks for the links!

John V said...

jessica-just wanted to again express my deepest appreciation for your wonderful blog.The continuing Takemitsu posts are wonderful and now Radigue(!)'ve created a magical place.Thank you. John V.

armeur H said...

Hey ! Great Blog ! Thank you for the Palestine and Radigue Stuff !