Friday, 10 August 2007

thanks to those people who left some kind, appreciative words on the way. i'm gonna refrain from posting new music for a couple more days. until then enjoy what's available so far and don't forget to visit the links to your right ;)

edit: will be back on wednesday, the 29th :)


Spring Day said...

In my previous "thank you" comment I forgot to mention, that I also enjoyed Joyce and AG Geige very much. So, here comes another "thank you". And just now, as you give us a break for re-scanning your "backlist", I think I might be interested in the Wayne Shorter too... So many tasty things around here. Ah, and also thanks for linking to my site.

Lucky said...

i toot in the same horn as spring day - the 'days' are already weeks. enjoy your time-out, but in case you continue - i will be

lucky ;)