Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Leoš Janáček - On An Overgrown Path

Book I

1. Our Evenings
2. A Leaf Blown-away
3. Come with us!
4. The Madonna of Frydek
5. They Chattered like Swallows
6. Words fail!
7. Good Night!
8. Unutterable Anguish!
9. In tears
10. The Barn Owl has not flown away!

Book II

11. Andante
12. Allegretto - Presto
13. Più mosso
14. Vivo
15. Allegro


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to hear this music. So much of it is stunning - and I am referring both to the Janacek and your blog as a whole. Thank you again.


grasprelease said...

I live these pieces for piano; recommended to everybody...however, do you know who is performing here? I am familiar with the Andras Schiff (on ECM) and the R. Firkusny (sic?) (on DG)...I love both recordings and find them to be very different. Your blog is wonderful! I learn a lot every time I visit. many thanks for your efforts.

Jessica said...

hey you :)

the performing pianist should indeed be Rudolf Firkušný. I don't own the original cd of this specific recording, sorry. But that's at least what the track titles say.

thank you for the compliment & take care,