Wednesday, 29 August 2007

George Rochberg - String Quartet No. 1

During my absence from this blog (pardongomen'tschuldigungsorry) - excluding mentally, mind you - i had the opportunity to hearken - at least to my pitiful standards - one of the most wonderful - in a somewhat macabre way - (contemporary) classical works of all those i've encountered so far, and gladly bid it welcome among cherished ones like Beethoven's Spring & Tempest sonata or Satie's third Gnossienne (judging by the syntax of this sentence, it obviously split my brain asunder as well). Speaking of the latter piano piece: i was watching Kaufman's "Henry & June" the other day, and subjectively, the most blissful moment occured when a picture of Antonin Artaud was shown accompanied by said Gnossienne's third movement.

So here i present you George Rochberg's 1st string quartet. Eerie and beautiful, i tell you. I could imagine that Yoshihiro Kanno drew some however miniscule inspirations from this work while composing the soundtrack to Mamoru Oshii's sublimely spectral and surreal feature film "Angel's Egg".

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