Sunday, 29 July 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés: bootleg of the Tachikawa show on December 17th 1976
(alas, only 160 kbps; picture source)

1. White Waking
2. Flames of Ice
3. Angel
4. Heat Wave
5. Dream


wassonii said...

Thank you for this and oh so much more. Your blog continues to amaze!

Out-Cutter said...

I fully agree with Wassonii,

your latest Japanese posts - not to forget the gorgeous ODYSHAPE!! - makes up for some very intruiging listenings!

Thanks for sharing those rarities.


Spring Day said...

The mixture of what you present here on this blog is really great. Unlike the Out-cutter I don't know any of the Japanese stuff you are posting, but might have a try on something new. I have been digging your posts of Pierre Boulez and Tim Fischer especially. So, you are amazing at least three people with your blog already ;-)