Saturday, 7 July 2007

Incapacitants - Ad Nauseam
(Japan, 1994)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3

1. Abrasive 1
2. Abrasive 2
3. Abrasive 3
4. Technodelicatessen
5. Grind Goddess
6. Into Another's Doom's Pain
7. Live At Yanemura Tokyo 931031
8. Live At Show Boat Tokyo 940411

"I see my hand spread out on the table. It lives--it is me... It looks like an animal turned upside down. I see the nails--the only part of me that doesn't live... I am these two beasts struggling at the end of my arms... I can't suppress it, nor can I suppress the rest of my body, the sweaty warmth which soils my shirt, nor all this warm obesity which turns lazily, as if someone were stirring it with a spoon..." (from: J.-P. Sartre's Nausea)


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, incapacitants are gods, if you have more, please post, thanks for real.

Tom Of Finland said...


Any chance of seeing a reupload of this and the rest of the Incapacitants-material you've previously shared?

Thanks in advance!

jɔta said...

Hey Tom,

most of these releases are actually still available in the murky depths of the internet. Please refer to my most recent post where I've compiled a list of what I could find.

DopeWizard said...

Any chance of a reupload? Cheers.