Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tim Fischer - Baby Boy (17/10 Link updated)
(Germany, 1999)

1. Die Legende der Dirne Evlyn Roe
2. Sex is a wonderful habit
3. Marie , dein Liebster wartet schon
4. Lied der Nanna
5. It's all a swindle
6. Das Lied von den braunen Inseln
7. Als der Zirkus in Flammen stand
8. Black Market
9. I don't want to set the world on fire
10. The ruins of Berlin
11. Please, shoot your husband
12. Perfect day
13. Alabama song
14. Erich
15. Muetterlein
16. Der fette Elvis
17. Zu leise fuer mich
18. Baby Boy
19. Come again
20. Gluecklich


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Anonymous said...

the link is dead.. :(

Anonymous said...

Unfornunately new link is also dead.

Could you please be so kind to update it once more?