Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Les Mouches - You're Worth More to Me Than 1,000 Christians
(Canada, 2004)

1. Cities Become Less Important
2. Carload Of Whatever
3. Daddy Needs A Daddy
4. Behold The Hands Of Men
5. Divorce The Ones You Love
6. Little Poop
7. Spalding Man
8. Lucy On Her Birthday
9. What We Know As Buildings Have Always Been Canyons

"Understand me: I wish to be a man from somewhere, a man among men. You see, a slave, when he passes by, weary and surly, carrying a heavy load, limping along and looking down at his feet, only at his feet to avoid falling down; he is in his town, like a leaf in greenery, like a tree in a forest, Argos surrounds him, heavy and warm, full of herself; I want to be that slave, Electra, I want to pull the city around me and to roll myself up in it like a blanket. I will not leave." (Orestes to Electra in Act II of J.-P. Sartre's "Les Mouches")

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