Thursday, 28 June 2007

Lethe - Sleep Digest
(Japan, 2001)

1. Sleep Digest
2. Go Out Of...
3. Variation
4. Walk On Stilts
5. Heavy Hydrogen
6. Crawl Stroke
7. Atomizer Myth
8. Crawl Stroke Again
9. Bending Machine
10. Nautilus Style
11. D.T.P.K.
12. High Light


Anonymous said...

VBR for this is too low (128, 130, 136, 140, 154 kbps etc) which makes it not worth having. If you posted this Jessica can you post things at reasonable bit rates in future. If you didn't please ignore this. Thanks.

Jessica said...

If I remember correctly, I downloaded this via slsk. Looks like you can't find any better bitrates than this, unless you try and get the physical release of course, through Discogs or something.