Sunday, 24 June 2007

Les Rallizes Dénudés - Color Box

(huge thanks to the kind person who originally distributed these via slsk; picture source)

1. (unknown)
2. Flames of Ice
3. (unknown)
4. Romance of Black Grief

Green (part 1 / part 2)
1. (unknown) (Studio Demo '86)
2. Cry of Bird (Studio Demo '86)
3. White Waking (Studio Demo '86)
4. (unknown) (October 2nd, 1982)
5. (unknown) (October 2nd, 1982)
6. Night of the Assassins (October 2nd, 1982)
7. Ice Fire (October 2nd, 1982)

1. Ice Fire
2. Romance of Black Grief
3. Field of Artificial Flower
4. (unknown)
5. White Waking
6. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night

1. The Last One (Oz Days live, August 1973)
2. The Angel of Guidance (July 30th, 1976)
3. Field of Artificial Flower (August 14th, 1980)
4. White Waking (August 14th, 1980)
5. Enter the Mirror (October 29th, 1980)
6. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night (March 23rd, 1981)

1. Romance of Black Grief (May 16th, 1986)
2. Night of the Assassins (May 16th, 1986)
3. (unknown) (May 16th, 1986)
4. The Night Collectors (May 16th, 1986)
5. (unknown) (May 16th, 1986)


Dadu said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot thank you enough for these (and the other les rallizes you've posted). I 'm totally addicted and can't get enough! thank you for being my enabler.

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable!!!!
Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the rallizes stuff. much appreciated

Snoose Junction said...




Anonymous said...

thanks for these. I agree with one commenter that it generally tends to sound the same. i happen to have difficulty getting enough of that sound.

Jessica said...

i think comparing "enter the mirror", "white waking" and "romance of black grief" is most exemplary regarding what you and the other visitor touched on; they do have a very similar style. yet i, too, cannot stop listening to these wicked guys.
thanks for stopping by & enjoy the music

african said...

could anybody gimme a link to info, date and covers for this release? TIA

Anonymous said...

hi jessica,

was wondering if you would like to collaborate on a project with me. i have the 'missing limbs' release of the color box. last night i loaded it onto itunes with the intention of syncing it with the track list you provided.

green and red sync no problem and yellow transfers to itunes as one long track (46:06 total length ) but blue and white have a different number of tracks than in your track list. ive tried to parse out the tracks but since rallizes versions can differ radically its a bit touch and go. i do know that on what there are seemingly two different versions (the last one at the beginning and what might be a duplicated track (white waking) and my version of blue has 5 instead of 4 tracks.

do you have any information as to the differences. truth be told i havent dowmloaded your version for comparison but i can send you a copy of my version of color box if it would help.


Anonymous said...


that should read "that on white"

sambson said...
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sambson said...
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sambson said...

Big ups to Jessica for just publishing the titles list of the Color Box; this stuff is hard to dredge up info on! The first track of the Green disc is most commonly known as "Romance Of Black Sorrow (aka: Fallin' Love With Mizutani)", as it's the same tune as the ETC. MAGAZINE VOL.2 7" single, the 1975 SUNSET GLOW FESTIVAL bootleg, and various other recordings. It might be noted that this is one of the longer versions around. (Sorry, I need to preview my comments first)

peskypesky said...

THANK YOU!!!!! A thousand times.

You are wonderful and I love you.

dhd said...

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