Monday, 28 May 2007

Joe Hisaishi - Spirited Away (OST)
pw: ohngesicht

"Spirited Away" was one of the last movies that i cared to watch in a cinema, infact the last time i set my feet on the velvety ground of a movie theater was on October 15th in 2005 at 6 PM to enjoy a screening of Christian Petzold's "Gespenster".
It is definitely one of my few favourite movies ever, animated or live-action, and whenever i try to seek relaxation (and i happen to need that a lot these days) or more precisely, try to train my psyche autogenically, i always envision myself on the meadowy and hilly landscape that Chihiro and her parents cross at the beginning and end of the film while mentally hearkening the soothing sounds of "A Road to Somewhere". I have that simple and careless and naive and intuitive vision that true bliss could be found lying on a meadow under a blue sky listening to the wind colliding with the blades of grass.

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